Easy Watercolor Seamless Patterns
Written March 17, 2005
by Taiga Designs
This tutorial is my own creation. Please do not copy it, or the graphics to another web site.
Email me with any questions or to ask permission to link to it for group use. The finished creations made by you after completing this tuitorial are yours. Have fun!! Remember to save often.

This tutorial was created using JASC Paint Shop Pro 7.04, but it can be done in PSP8 or PSP9.
I used 7 as there are many who may not have 8 or 9 yet.
A basic knowledge of the tools in PSP is presumed.
The only plug-in required is the Simple filter plug-in. If you do not have it, click on the word Simple.

#1.   Open any image, "Copy" and "Paste as new image", and close the original.

#2.   Resize to 200 by 200 pixels, "All Layers" checked.

#3.   We will use the "Noise" filter in PSP. It is under "Effects/Noise" in PSP7, and under
"Adjust/Noise" in PSP8 and 9. Use "Noise/Edge Preserving Smooth" set at 30, and click OK.

#4.   Next use "Effects/Artistic Effects/Brush Strokes" in PSP7
and Effects/Art Media Effects/Brush Strokes" in PSP8 and 9, with the following settings.

#5.   Ok here comes the Simple filter. After you have installed the filter in your "Plug-ins" folder, go to "Effects/Simple/Pizza Slice Mirror". You have now a pretty nice tile, but I like to go a bit further.
Go to "Effects/Noise" again, but this time use "Salt and Pepper" set at 7 in both boxes with "Include all lower speck sizes" checked and "Aggressive action" unchecked. It smoothes things out to a nice watercolor look. After this step I used "Sharpen" on some tiles and left some just this way.
Save your tiles in your patterns folder as .bmp files if using PSP7, or use.bmp or .jpg in PSP8 and 9.

Some additional tips and ways of starting this tutorial.
If the image you open at first has a border, your tile will have a small border too.
Instead of opening an image,you may begin with a "New Image" 200 by 200 pixels, with a white or colored background, and stamp tubes or patterns randomly on it, before doing the other steps.
Below are two examples of this technique. I just changed the tube size and kept stamping to get a lot of colors sprinkled about.

If your tile has too much solid color, use "Simple/Quick Tile", after "Pizza Slice Mirror".
Some examples follow.
Or if you don't want a border on your tile, use, "Simple/Quick Tile", after "Pizza Slice Mirror" also.
More examples
The cool thing is that depending on your original image,  the tiles are very different!
I hope you had fun doing this tutorial! If there are any of my tiles you'd like to use just right click and "Save as".
If you want a lighter shade for a background, add a layer of white and lower the opacity until you like it.
Merge layers and save. Email me with any questions.
I put a couple of squares together and added my daffodils in the centers.
My daffodil tutorial is here.

Thanks for doing my tutorial and have fun with PSP!!

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