Swirly Text and Tiles
Written January 2003
by Taiga Deisgns.
This tutorial is my own creation. Please do not copy it,or the graphics to another web site. Email me with any questons. The finished product made by you after completing this tutorial is yours. Have fun!! and remember to save often!!!
This tutorial was made using JASC  Paint shop Pro 7.04. A basic knowledge of the PSP7 tools is presumed.
I also used the Simple Filter with this tutorial.
#1  Open a New Image 200 by 200 pixels, Transparent.

#2  Set your Foreground Fill to the "Bean Thing" Pattern included in the JASC Patterns Folder, and Flood Fill.
Actually any bold contrasting fill will work. I just used "Bean Thing" as  it came with PSP7, so everyone has it.

#3  Click on your Retouch Tool (pointing finger) in the Tools Palette, and choose Smudge with these settings.
Smudge away!!! Your image will look something like this. Just mess around until you like it!!
#4  Next go to Effects/Geometric Effects/Twirl at the default setting of 180. Your image will now look sort of like this.
#5  Next go to Effects/Geometric Effects/Ripple, and use these settings. Amplitude and Wavelength both 40...Horizontal and Vertical centers both 50. Your image will now look something like this.
#6  Next, I used Simple Quick Tile to make a seamless tile. You can get the Simple Filter here or above, if you need it. Your image will look something like this.
This is another that I Sharpened and made more contrasty.                       And one that I made from a bold floral pattern
OK, you have a tile that can be a seamless background, lightened, darkened, colorized, or used as text fill.

#7  For text fill, open a New Image 600 wide by 200 high, or whatever size you want. Leave the Swirl/Ripple image open in your workspace. Set your Background Fill to Pattern, and choose the the Swirl/Ripple image found at the top of the Patterns Folder. Set your Foreground Stroke to Null. Click on the Text Tool and choose a bold Font with Vector and Antialiased both checked. I used size 72 for my examples.

#8  If you like your text, Convert to a Raster Layer, if not right click on the Vector Text Layer and Edit the Text, then Convert to a Raster Layer.

#9  Next go to Effects/3D Effects/Inner bevel and use the Metallic setting. Here are some samples.
Hint: If you are not happy with the look..just do another "Bean Thing, Smudge Twirl, Ripple tile".They all turn out a bit differently because you do the Smudging!!

On the one below, I used Colors/Adjust/Hue-Saturation-Lightness
Looks a bit like marble.
And on this one below, I colorized to a lavender shade, and Adjusted the Gamma to lighten it with
Colors/Adjust/Gamma Correction.
Looks like a good one for springtime.
One more below, I selected the text, and with the marching ants in full swing, I used the default Twirl setting that I used first, setting at 180..., next I applied the same Metallic Inner Bevel again, Colorized it and gave it more contrast to make it look like chocolate swirls. Looks yummy, if I do say so!
Experiment and have fun!! Some of mine look like soft plastic, others more like marble...and here's the last one I promise *S*....  Kind of a crazy one!!... I used Effects/Artistic Effects/Chrome and fiddled with the settings.

This tutorial is copyright Taiga Designs.
The creations you make are yours!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
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