Special - Moon - Simple seamless tiles Mini-Tute at the bottom of this page.
All the tiles on this page were created using this method.
Right click on any tile and save as .bmp (PSP7) or .jpg (PSP9).
Add to your patterns folder.
These tiles were made with the following filters.
Click on their names to get them:
Crescent Moon
DC Special
Mini-Tute: Special-Moon-Simple Seamless Tiles.
Open any image, copy as new image and close the original.
Resize the new image to any square. Mine are 200x200 pixels.
Use the Crescent Moon/ Strip Tile filter at default setting.
Use the DC Special/ Persian Rug filter.
Use the Simple/ Diamonds filter.
Use the Crescent Moon/ Terra Cotta filter at default setting.
That's it!!   Have fun.

To make a tile into a lighter version, add a layer of white over it
and lower the opacity about 50% or until you like it.
Merge layers and save in your patterns folder.
The BG on this page is a light version of #7 down on the left.

Written by Hannah Clements March 2002
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