Tips on Using the Soft Focus effect in PSP8
Written June 2004
by  Taiga Designs
I love experimenting with the various effects and tools in PSP8. Here are some tips on the Soft Focus effect.
"Soft Focus" is located under Adjust/Softness/Soft Focus.
It is a tool that is infinately adjustable, you can set your own, use PSP settings or "throw the dice".  *S*

I will not show an example of the obvious use for this tool, a portrait, but will show how I have used it on a scenic photo, and also to create a halo effect in a graphic which I created from a dingfont. OK here we go.

Photo Example
First the scenic photo. On top is my original photo, an early morning spring scene.
On the left photo below I used the PSP8 setting for "Portrait" under Soft focus.
On the right photo below I used the PSP8 setting for "Very Soft".

"Portrait" setting
"Very Soft" setting
I like the "Very Soft" setting better as it retains the light qualities well, while giving a pleasing misty feel to the photo.
Both of these would be good to use, if I wanted to add text. The softening makes a better background for text.

Graphic Example
Now for the example of a PSP graphic where I used the "Soft Focus" effect to create a halo.
First is the original dingfont shape to which I have added colors and Inner Bevel.
Next my settings for "Soft Focus" and result on that layer.
You can see the halo effect around the shapes.

Before I show my final on this graphic I will show my Layer Palette.
It is pretty extensive with blends and effects, and I will not go into details as this mini-tutorial is only about Soft Focus .... *S* ..... whew!
You can see that I used Motion Blur too, but the Soft Focus halo effect is what we are looking at here.
And here's my final graphic below. Created just for fun with PSP8!!
The Soft Focus halo shows up nicely. I ended up with a kind of 3D effect. It is interesting to create different lighting and depth effects, so have fun and give it a whirl!!
I hope you enjoyed these tips on PSP8 Soft Focus!
And don't forget to try this effect filter on portraits too!!!
It gets rid of wrinkles! ......... *S*....
Just for more fun!
Below are two more graphics I created by duplicating my .Soft Focus layer and using Kaleidoscope on it.
I just threw the dice with Kaleidoscope!
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