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Thunder Over Louisville
Photos by Hannah

The theme was red, white and blue this year.
Kids playing in the fountains
Belle of Louisville
(we were on the Spirit of Jefferson right behind her).
Dinner was included!!  *S*
Jumpers landed 100 yds in front of us.
The crowd loved these guys!

Louisville skyline on our cruise
About 800,000 attended!!
The Red Barrons were magnificent!
Cute trailing ad banner   ......    I hope she said, "Yes"
Heritage flyover and a rare sight!
F15          F16          P51 WW11 Mustang
Proud to be an American!
Fireworks on the bridge
On the barge
Thunderous finale. The "picture is worth 1000 words" fails, as
there are no words to describe this awesome display.

Photos taken with Sony Mavica FD91 which has a 14x zoom
All photos copyright Taiga Designs
Thanks for looking!

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