Autumn Greeting Card
Written September, 2002
Copyright Taiga Designs
This tutorial is my own creation. Please do not copy it, or the graphics to another
web site. The finished creation made by you after completing this tutorial is yours. Have fun!! And remember to save often!!!!
#1  Open a new image 400 by 400 pixels, transparent.

#2. Using the preset shapes tool, find the JASC Maple leaf, antialiased checked, Create as vector unchecked, Line width 2. Set your Foreground, Stroke to an autumn color. I used 86341E.....and set your  Background, Fill to a pattern of your choice that has autunm colors. If you do not have any you may use any of the following. Right click and save as .bmp to your patterns folder.
This tutorial was made using JASC Paint Shop Pro 7.04. A basic knowledge of the PSP7 tools is presumed. .
#3.  Draw a leaf as large as you like.  Go to Effects/3D/Drop shadow and apply the following. Verticle 6, Horizontal -43,  Opacity 60 (or less if you wish), Blur  21,  Color black.

#4.  Add a New Layer, Layers/Arrange/Send to bottom. Flood fill with a color of your choice, or color picked from your leaf. I used F4C19C.

#5.  For my borders, I first used a tube I had made using the idea from Gina's watercolor wreath tutorial. I made it in autumn colors. Her site is no longer available, so I will include my zipped tube here. Right click and open in another window. Download and unzip it. It is a tube, so you may be able to put it directly into your PSP7 tube folder, or open it in PSP and File/Export/Picture tube,  5 across, 5 down, Placement random, Step size 55, Selection random.
#6.  Add a New Layer for this tube border. I used the tube size 45 and step 55. Click your curser at one corner of your image and holding the shift key click again on the opposite corner. this makes the tube go in a straight line... *S* neat!!  Do this for all four sides. If you do not want to use the tube, put little leaves or flowers along the edges of your  image by whatever means you wish.

#7.  Merge all layers/Flatten.  Set your Backgrouind Fill to another autumn color. I used #D3582F. Image/Add borders/Symetric 10 or 15. Select the border with your Magic wand tool set to Tolerance 0, Feather 0. Go to Effects/3D/Inner bevel, and use the following. Oooops, my screen shot is from another image, but my "hc quilt" setting is correct and the one I use often. We are only applying the IB to the border.  *S*!!   Deselect.
(This is what my tube looks like. You can make your own, if you have Gina's tutorial, or use my tube. I did not do the edge enhancing that is in Gina's tute. I made my little blobs with gradients for Fill, and a brown line as Stroke.)
#8.  Add a text greeting to your card with autumn colors. I used Stroke color 86341E and Fill color B95E1B    I used the Harrington Font. Give the text the same Drop Shadow as the leaf. Save the final card as a .bmp if you want to print it, or optimize as a .jpg if you want to send it in email. I usually do both.
That's it!!  Have fun trying trying different colors and pattern fills.

You can use other JASC shapes with fills for many other easy holiday cards... deer, stars, hearts, gift, flowers etc. Make a bunch of them!!

When I print cards, I use a program that has a four fold card template. I use an old version of Microsoft Greetings Workshop Deluxe.........because there is a little yellow dog who comes out and gives tips. *S*.
And I just love him...wonder why?? LOL!!
I print on Kodak Bright White Inkjet paper with 110 brightness.

This tutorial is copyright Taiga Designs.
The creation you make is yours!

Here's one I made using the JASC deer sign shape with a Christmas theme.

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!