Easter Bunny and  Other Easy Vector Animals
using the Point to Point Line .... curved.
This animal just happens to be an Easter Bunny
but you can make anything you wish using this method!
Written January, 2003
by Taiga Designs.
The purpose of this tutorial is to show how the Point to Point Line can be curved to draw animals, or any other shapes. I have not seen this line used much in tutorials, so there may be many people who do not know it's possibilities. It is a very useful tool! 
Ths tutorial is my own creation. Please do not copy it, or the graphics to another web site. Email me with any questions. The finished product made by you after completing this tutorial is yours.
Have fun!! .........And remember to save often!!!
This tutorial was made using JASC Paint Shop Pro 7.04. A basic knowledge of
the PSP7 tools is presumed. Please email me if you need help.
#1  Open a New Image at least 500 by 500 pixels, Transparent. I like to work in a big space.
#2  Set your Foreground and Background colors to the same color. I used a dark purple #57355B.
#3  Click on the Draw Tool and use the following settings. I also set my Curving Track (click on the corners tab) to between 6 and 10 depending on what I am drawing. Use 6 now.
Study the next screen shots before you draw. You will click once on the green spot. Let go of the mouse. Then go straight below and click once on the red spot, but DO NOT let go!! Keep your finger on the mouse and drag in the direction of the arrow. You will see a curved line forming. Yours will be in B and W. I had to make this graphic to show the direction. Just move the mouse around until you like the curve and let go. You can then reposition the curve using the arrow, or move the Node around. When you think you like the curve, click outside the image..Voila you have a shape.!! If you don't like it just do the old friendly "undo" .... LOL........ and try again. It is really not hard!!!!
At this point you can Node Edit if you wish. I did not do any Node Editing on my Bunny.
#4 This is only half of the finished shape. If you like your shape, convert to Raster Layer. (If you are advanced, and want to be able to Export your animal as a Shape, read the Mini-Tute TIP below first.)
OK.back to the Raster Layers!

#5  Duplicate and Mirror your Raster Layer and line them up, if they need it.
Merge Visible, and you have a body, head, leg or whatever. Below are some of my Bunny parts just to show you what they looked like before I put him together. Keep all the body parts on separate Layers for now, as we will shade them later. For his rear leg I just made the first shape and turned it with the Deformation Tool, and put it under his body layer. For his ear I used the Deformation Tool to turn it after I had the halves put together. For his front foot I used the Ellipse Shape and cut off the bottom with the Selection Tool, I added toes with the Single Line set to 2, in black. . For his head I used a lighter shade of purple, #7E5283. and for his inner ears I used a light pink.
These parts have shading already.
#6  To give these parts some definition, I used the Airbrush. Surround each part with the Rectangle Selection Tool, and click on the part to get the marching ants. Set your Foreground color to the light purple, and Background to Null. Spray lightly around the edge of the part. (I did not blur, so I did not use an extra layer). Once you like the spray, Deselect, and if you sprayed a leg.....(you need two legs)...LOL........ you can Duplicate the Layer and Mirror.....Here is my Airbrush setting.
#7  If you want a bit more smoothness here and there, just use the Smudge Tool. I used it on his face and inner ears. I also gave his body only, a slight Inner Bevel.
#9  With his parts all sprayed, you can add some facial features..eyes, mouth, etc. I will not go into details for those, as you may make a cat or dog or some other  delightful creature. Add some decorations........hat, flowers, a collar, etc..I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and have fun making animals this way.
#8  I reselected his body with Rectangle Selection Tool, and added Noise #10, Random to add color.
This tutorial is copyright Taiga Designs
The creations you make are yours!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
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This critter needs some hind feet. Oooops...don't forget those! *S*
That's better! Bunny has hind feet now!
Brownie  Bear was given a dose of Paint Engine Fur.
Below is my Layer Palette for Brownie Bear.
I Exported him as a Shape, and made the silly Ms. Mouse quickly from his Shape.
I  made Ms. Mouse from my Brownie Bear Shape. She is pretty plain! I just wanted to show how you can use an Expoted Shape. Put another face on her and she's a cat...LOL.... I made her tail with the Point to Point line and played with the Nodes. I made her hind legs by Duplicating a paw, and Node Editing it.
Mini-tute to save as a shape

TIP: For those of you who wish to export your whole animal as a shape, and know how to group vector layers. Here are the steps. There are other more detailed tutes available, so I will not show screen shots.
1. Draw your first half shape.
2. Copy.
3. Paste as a New Layer. (NOT as a New Selection).
4. Mirror.
5. Move and adjust so they line up right.
6. Drag the "drawing" from Layer 2 to Layer 3.
7. Select all of Layer 3. (marching ants)..
8. Apply a Cutout, Inner Bevel, Airbrush or whatever you wish for shading.
9. Selection Promote to Layer.
10. Name your Promoted Layer.
11. Keep all Vector Layers that have shapes.
12. Highlight the Vector Layers on the Layer Palette.
13. Objects/Group.
15. Yes *S*, and give it a name.

My Brownie Bear, shown below, was done this way, and I made my Ms. Mouse, by adjusting the animal parts after drawing my bear shape! I will put a screen shot of my Layer Palette for the bear below also.